Darling Motorcycle Works

1920 Triumph Junior

Triumph’s 500cc machines were high and somewhat difficult for a lightly built person to mount and handle, thus Triumph decided to manufacture something more suitable, the Model LW (Light Weight) The Model LW, also known as the Junior, and nicknamed the ‘Baby’ – for it was the baby of Triumph’s models – broke new ground for Triumph as they had not produced a two-stroke engine before. 

Triumph ‘got it right’ …with a couple of ‘paddles’ (steps while seated) the engine almost invariably bursts into life. With its low weight, such ease of starting and the low saddle height the model gained immediate popularity amongst District Nurses, Ministers of the Church, and schoolboys with wealthy parents.It has a top speed of 56 kilometres per hour (35 miles per hour). Restored and in running condition. A true beauty.

R 199 995.00

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