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1960 Matchless G3 500

In 1940, 110 Matchless G3/L's were ordered from England by the South African Army as the preferred machine for use by despatch riders. As well as general army transport G3/L's were widely used for delivering messages that were too important to be sent by radio or by telephone.

They were also used for convoy escort, having to read maps and act as an "advance party" into occupied territory. Dispatch riders were an easy target for snipers, had to use dimmed headlights and coped with poor road conditions. In a Second World War study, Sir Hugh Cairns identified head injuries as a major cause of loss of life among dispatch riders and recommended crash helmets instead of the standard "tin helmet" or forage caps that were often worn. Sir Hugh's recommendation eventually led to compulsory crash helmets for motorcyclists – but not for another 32 years.

Bike runs, perfect project to turn this classic into whatever you want it to be. Retro cool or restoration. 

Has papers and electronic ignition. Also has tail light lens and tank badges not shown.

R 34 995.00

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