Darling Motorcycle Works

1969 BMW R60/5 Sidecar

Sidecars have been around for a very long time, probably since the late 1800's.  Sidecars were very widely used in Europe, still are.  In the USA, sidecars are relatively rare.  Today, to those who see them, a sidecar rig often creates a response that is a mixture of emotions, nostalgia, good times, etc.   Most everyone likes a sidecar rig and its pilot, the sidecarist.   Sidecar rigs carry more than a motorcycle can safely.  They don't fall down on slippery roads.  Most sidecar outfits do fine on slippery even snowy roads.  Sidecars do not carry the stigma that motorcycling in general carries with the public.  The public LIKES sidecars, WANTS to stop and chat, WANTS to have you take them for a drive!  MOST sidecars have QUIET exhausts, and the public LIKES that!  Sidecarists also tend to be extra courteous and friendly.

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