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1970 Triumph Trident Triple T150

When engineers at Triumph started developing a 750cc triple, in an era when twins reigned supreme, it would have been a standout. A Superbike before there were Superbikes. Had it been pushed into production by Triumph earlier, then at the top of their game, it would have been miles in front of the competition. The Triumph Trident Triple T150 was a technically advanced, high-performance motorcycle made by Triumph Engineering and BSA from 1968 to 1975. It brought a new level of sophistication to street motorcycles, marking the beginning of the superbike era.

The Honda CB750 overshadowed the Trident to be remembered as the 'first superbike', in spite of the Triumph Trident actually debuting before the Honda by a few weeks. It has a 740cc air-cooled OHV unit construction straight-three engine, with four gears and a conventional chassis and suspension.

This Trident is ready for restoration and needs clocks.

R 89 995.00 

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