Darling Motorcycle Works

1973 Yamaha RD350 2Stroke Brat

Deliciously quick, this little Yamaha was a Giant Killer for the ages. That’s how the RD350 was known and anybody old enough to read a bike magazine back in 1973, knew it was true. Before we had any clue about the myriad dangers of triple cheeseburgers, saturated fat, unburned hydrocarbons and street-going two-strokes, there was the RD350. From the first 1973 RD350 to the last 1975 RD350B, Yamaha's overachieving pocket rocket humiliated triples and fours packing over twice its cc on racetracks and backroads all over the planet.

This RD350 is a Brat build that includes a Racing Motor, Wiseco pistons, Carbon fibre reed valves, ported barrel, Condor Light chrome expansion pipes, disk brakes front and back as well as mag wheels.

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