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1974 Kawasaki KV100

The Kawasaki KV100 series were designed mainly for the 'farm bike' market, a dirt/trail or dirt/road machine that was street legal having headlight, taillight, and license plate bracket. Turn signals/indicators were optional along with special guards. They were available in various colours (yellow, white, blue, green) based around changes in model (petrol tank and guards) until Kawasaki adopted its well-known green colour branding for its trail bikes around 1989.The KV100 series is known for being made up of parts from other models (G3, G4, G5) of the same era which used the same frame or engine. They were marketed by stock agents direct to farmers as well as being available through the local distributor and retail networks.

This motorcycle has been received in good faith as a runner from the previous owner however due to the possibility that this motorcycle has been standing for an unknown time, Darling Motorcycle Works (DMW) will be selling this motorcycle as is. If the purchaser would like to pursue the purchase of this motorcycle then DMW will attempt to get the motorcycle into a fair running condition. This motorcycle may or may not require an enatis clearance. The above will only apply to motorcycles that have not been reconditioned by DMW as yet.

R 22 995.00

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