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1976 BMW R75/6 BARN FIND

The BMW R75/6 was used by the French Police during the mid-seventies, the peak of motorcycling, and an era before electronics compensated for human error. The owners themselves sat and studied the workshop manual and they could work on their own machine. It manages to achieve what most of the new retro-styled bikes set out to do – have a classic look with modern handling. It’s one of the most understated, well-thought-out classic motorcycles ever produced.

The /6 series meant the introduction of the front disc brake. While the side silhouette of the motorcycle has a distinct vintage look to it, the tank and low-slung stance was what a typical sports touring machine looked like in the seventies. The R75/6 manages to ride and operate just like a modern motorcycle, while still giving you a taste of the rich history of BMW and its sensational boxer-twin engin

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