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1978 Yamaha XS500

21 390 kilometers on the clock.

The 1978 Yamaha XS500 featured cast wheels and a boost in compression, with most of the complaints directed at earlier TX/XS500s addressed on a progressive basis. Balance shaft chain adjustment was now automatic, the cam boxes had become integral with the cylinder head, curing persistent oil leaks (plus valve seats didn’t crack). The upshot of all these changes was that the XS500 went from “jerky, difficult and unpleasant at low speeds” to “free of much of the sloppiness that marks many chain-drive motorcycle setups.”
Handling had always been a strong point of the XS500. It’s much more nimble than the curb weight might lead one to expect … it’s hard to call it anything less than quick and precise. The XS500E also scored over its 3- and 4-cylinder rivals in having excellent cornering clearance whether turning left or right. The only complaint in the suspension department was common to many other Japanese bikes of the time.

So over the five years since the introduction of the TX, the 500 had gone from a technically advanced but unrefined package to the smooth and sophisticated XS500. But the motorcycle market was moving up-capacity: 500s were the past, 750cc-plus inline triples and fours the future. Yamaha’s XS750 triple was already on the market, and the XS500 was dropped after 1978. 

This XS will require a clearance as it had been archived. It's a fantastic bike to either restore to its former glory or turn into a Cafe Racer. Twin exhaust 500 looks amazing. Its mechanically sound starts and sounds great. Cosmetics will need attention to turn this collector's bike into a gem.

This motorcycle will unfortunately require a enatis clearance to get it licenced. Its certainly worth while if you want something special. 
It has just been serviced and in excellent mechanical working condition. There is however surface rust on the front fender, handlebars etc which will require TLC.

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