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1979 Suzuki Wetbike

A WetBike is a planing water motor cycle that is often described as cross between a motorcycle and a jet ski. The first appearance of the Wetbike was in the 1977 James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me. In one scene, right before the film's end, Bond is seen riding on a Wetbike (the actual Spirit Marine prototype) to villain Karl Stromberg's lair.

Wetbikes were propelled by pump jets, like other personal watercraft, but didn't share their boat-like hulls. Instead, the Wetbike rode on hydrofoils mounted fore and aft. Unlike its peers, which have always steered from the back, the Wetbike steered from the front. This was accomplished by turning the forward hydrofoil as if it was the front wheel of a motorcycle. Riders also leaned it into turns, as on a street bike. It still has the original 723cc Suzuki 50 hp two-cylinder, two-stroke engine.

Recently had the carburetors cleaned, new fuel filter, new fuel lines, new battery, new starter motor brushes. It comes with an unlicensed trailer.

R 12 995.00

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