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1980 Suzuki TS250 2Stroke

Suzuki claimed the TS was heavily influenced and based upon the motocross machines of 1968 but, in reality the TS turned out to be a completely new design, particularly the five-speed gearbox that is significantly beefier than the off road competition machine’s transmission.

 Despite it off road styling, the TS250 is biased towards street use and in this mode is completely at home, having sweet handling and good all round manners. The 250cc power plant to reach its peak of both torque and horsepower within 500rpm of each other, and this makes for a mad rush above 5000rpm. The rear end is controlled by inverted gas shocks with the fattest dual-rate springs ever seen.

Combined with good positioning of the bars, seat and footrests, it had a big, easy-going feel reminiscent of Honda's XL250S. This motorcycle is an awesome learners’ bike but don’t under estimate its power. Great for trail riding as it is almost like a 4stroke and brings back great memories.

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