Darling Motorcycle Works

1983 BMW R100RT

If you are into Classic Airhead Beemers and serious touring, this was (and still is) the bike to have. It was also the most expensive stock production bike you could buy back then... even compared to a similar Harley touring set-up. 35 years later, it still is indisputably rideable for day-to-day commuting or extending touring.

It is slow compared to a modern touring bike... but wow, is this bike comfortable, stable and reliable. The R100RT is also light-weight (relatively speaking) compared to those same modern bikes. The R100RT's lighter set-up means it's more fun to ride; it handles well and also can get up and go nicely with some agility.

The bike is in original condition and still has its original rim lock and hand pump.  It comes with a set of original BMW panniers and new tyres, front and back. Bike will be sold with RWC.


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