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1983 Suzuki Katana GSX750

The Katana's design started when Suzuki hired Hans Muth, ex-chief of styling for BMW, to update the company's image. The word Katana means sword in Japanese and it was a design ahead of its time. Norms at that time were the flat rectangular tanks with bolt-on fairings, so the new design was probably a risk the designers were willing to take. Deep down Suzuki knew that it would stand out.

The other thing was that the design was for a reason, to favour the aerodynamics. After various wind-tunnel testing, it proved to aid stability during high-speed. Suzuki had spent a lot of time on the bike finding the suitable position which is most essential for touring bikes. The large capacity tank blended with the small fairing which blended together for the best airflow.

The Katana was the fastest mass-production motorcycle in the world when it was launched which meant that the new looks were matched by unprecedented performance levels. The air cooled GSX family, of which the Katana was a member, gave way to the liquid-cooled GSX-R series end of 1985. Though out flashed by the new 1000cc hot shots, the Suzuki Katana 750 is still one hell of a bike. 

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