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1986 Yamaha FJ1200

In 1984, Yamaha re-entered the super-bike fray after years of neutrality by releasing the predecessor of the FJ1200, the FJ1100. It’s hard to believe but it’s been 30 years since the launch of the FJ1100, a bike that, together with the FJ1200 helped set a benchmark for reliability even among Japanese manufacturers. Based on the success of the FJ1100, Yamaha decided, in 1986, to boost performance and add upgraded suspension and other components. The result was the FJ1200.

With the FJ, Yamaha created the modern idea of “sport-touring”. The long-awaited bike was big and refined, so it rapidly became very popular. Build around a powerful engine which will give all the satisfaction required. The bike also has smooth lines which give a modern design, well ahead of its time. This class is not orientated on pure performance but on the balance of utility and sport with friendly ride characteristics such as greater manoeuvrability and upright seating configuration designed to reduce back strain on long trips.

Few machines have made an impact and stuck around for so long as Yamaha FJ series. The production run lasted for the next 12 years and during that time small items were altered or added to the initial design brief to create a true legend of its time. 

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