Darling Motorcycle Works
Custom & Restoration

1993 Honda Africa Twin

R 9500.00

*DMW* can custom spray your Honda Africa Twin RD 07 and fit new decals any colour of your choice.
Full set for Honda Africa Twin 1994-1995 model (All colour options available for the RD07)
The ideal solution to replace old and worn out decals on your motorcycle or a complete revamp.(Paint and vinyl)
Our decals are custom made from combined self-adhesive vinyl for outdoor use manufactured in latest technology cutting machines.

* Offer includes, disassembly, paint preparation, 2k Color, 2k primer, 2k clear coat, fitment of new vinyl, re-assembly, buff and polish.
* We can collect your bike anywhere within 100 Km’s from Darling. R 350.00
*All decals is without Background (transparent or any other color)
*These decals are custom and not genuine.
*The use of a logo without permission from its copyright owner is at your own risk.

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