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2001 GasGas TXT 280

Gas Gas is a Spanish motorcycle manufacturer, specialising in off-road motorbikes and are best known for their trials bikes, although they also make successful enduro and quad bikes. The name Gas Gas literally means "to gas it". The Gas Gas founders have, at times, expressed misgivings about the chosen name inasmuch as that name causes confusion outside Spain. Others have joked that Gas Gas are so good that they had to name them twice. The slogan "Gas Gas = Fast Fast" was used by the US importer to try to help people understand the unique name.The TXT models are specifically designed for trials riding. The 280 Edition is a budget alternative to the Gas Gas PRO models. This machine undercuts every other Trials bike by a huge margin. This is the same basic machine that won the US National Championship in 2001 and continues to be a clubmans favourite. This bike has gone through many years of evolution, and is regarded as a very smooth, easy to ride, balanced machine. The 280 Edition is still lighter than some of its rivals, and could undoubtedly hold its own at the highest levels of competition.If you're a beginner to intermediate trials rider then this is a great learning trials bike.This motorcycle has just been serviced and in excellent mechanical condition.


R 21 995.00

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