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2008 Yamaha Cygnus 125RS

The Yamaha Cygnus 125RS name is apparently derived from the Latin word for Swan and Yamaha swear it looks like one. It is not your traditional scooter; it’s sophisticated with clean compact lines. Cygnus exudes a stylish self-confidence that you might only expect to find in a more expensive, large capacity scooter. The bike's handling is sweetly predictable and reassuringly stable with 12" wheels; turn-in is quick without being twitchy and the Cygnus settles into fast curves with the assurance of a much larger machine. It'll carry surprisingly high cornering speeds without fussing, although the main stand will touch down if you hit a bump in mid-turn; even then the graceful Cygnus will retain its composure.

The 7.1-litre fuel tank is under the floor instead of the seat, lowering the centre of gravity and helping to centralise the main masses to improve handling - as well as providing a huge storage compartment under the seat that Yamaha claims is the largest in its class. The engine spins up willingly and the centrifugal clutch is set to take at fairly low revs so the bikes loses a little impetus just after take-off but then it picks up again and pulls quite strongly up to 80km/h - enough to stay ahead of most commuting cars.

1088 km on the clock. One previous owner.

R 15 995.00

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