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2017 Honda XR125L

Most small dual-purpose machines are easy to ride, solidly built and as friendly as puppies. They have to be durable to survive the unsympathetic treatment meted out to them by teenage, rookie riders and they're easy to ride because they have basic, no-frills slide carbs and floating-calliper brakes that simply don't have the power to bite you. Even if you wring its neck all the time (and I challenge you to find a 16-year old that won't!) it just gets a little noisy and loses its impetus as the power drops off sharply beyond 9000rpm, almost forcing you to hook the next gear.

The XR calls on its trail bike heritage with a quiet, smooth-running and responsive single-cylinder, four-stroke power plant delivering bloody excellent hill-climbing torque. Overall the Honda XR125L is right up there with the competition. It does the job of an all-round hack brilliantly. Great fuelling, nice suspension and superb low-speed handling makes for a good little package at a bloody good price. You can go for miles on a tankful of fuel, insurance is cheap and they hold their value well. 

The XR125L is a robust, if rather basic, dual-purpose machine with a lot more schoolyard cred than an entry-level scooter, for not much more money. 9 160 km on the clock. 

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Serviced prior to delivery and safety inspection complete the package.
R 650.00 (On-The-Road) charges. Includes roadworthy and transferred into your name.
National delivery can be arranged.

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