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 Your Dream is Attainable

At Darling Motorcycle Works - we share your thrill and passion for motorcycles, we have an expert team of motorcycle restorers who can help you restore your bike to its former glory. Call us now on 0824464775 or 022 4922048 to bring your motorcycle back to life.

Darling Motorcycle Works - Classic Motorcycles Pay-As-You-Go restoration.

High quality, durable restoration, or major repairs for classic motorcycles can be an expensive activity and it is an activity notoriously difficult to put a price on. For the benefit of our customers we can now offer a pre-arranged payment plan.

Pay-As-You-Go is an affordable answer for both service provider and customer.

Pay-As-You-Go key feature is safeguarding against any nasty surprises and provides restorations and major repairs completed to your time scale and budget.

Pay-As-You-Go is a zero-deposit solution with monthly payments in advance.

The essentials of the process are that work is completed in monthly stage increments at which point a stage payment becomes due.  You will receive a Progress Report:  This will be sent monthly for payment reminders, photographs and a work completed progress reports. You're welcome to call or email anytime for a status update.

Restoration Levels

Darling Motorcycle Works Restoration tailors to various levels of motorcycle restoration.  Cost and completion time may depend on the extent of the restoration, availability of parts, and repairs needed. Excludes parts that must be replaced due to unfavorable serviceability.

Complete Premium Restoration with 100% historical accuracy and show quality

Can take up to 1 year plus for completion with 100 to 200+ labor hours  

We leave no nut or bolt untouched

no painted surface unpolished, no wiring untested, and 

no part goes without inspection, repair, improvements or upgrades.

Excludes replacement of unserviceable parts. With the addition of an engine overhaul.

Our hourly motorcycle labor rate is R 395 per hour

Engine and transmission rebuilds are quoted only after a visual inspection of the bike is completed here at the shop.

Service level*

Dates of completion and labor are estimates only and will vary with each project and level of restoration. At Darling Motorcycle Works restorations, we take pride in all our work, no matter how large or small the project. Our services require sufficient time to test ride and fine tune the motorcycles before being signed off for release.

Custom Cosmetic Restoration Customized projects to owner specifications (Some chrome, paint or polish)

Can take between 4 to 8 months for completion with 40 to 75+ labor hours

Involves restoring major assemblies that can be unbolted, shipped off for restoration. This has the advantage of generally maintaining the motorcycle in a relatively complete state and the progression of the restoration usually can be clearly seen.

Tailored made solutions.

Excludes custom parts. Excludes replacement of unserviceable parts. 

Finding parts for an especially rare or unusual motorcycle - parts made of is a job unto itself.

For your safety and ours, we will not compromise on our mechanical service and safety standards.  

 Written Estimate

Our written estimate is an outline detailing how we plan to restore your motorcycle. Upon arrival at the shop we will inspect your motorcycle to determine mechanical and safety concerns followed by a cosmetic inspection. We try to anticipate all labor and parts which can be difficult, but there is a buffer of +/- 20% (basket cases are up to 40%). All estimates are valid for 60 days from date of preparation.

Restoration general stages in months possibly weeks

1.      Disassembly, cleaning, assessment and parts ordering.

2.      Frame paint /powder coat/ chroming/

3.      Engine rebuilding

4.      Carburetor rebuilding

5.      Wheels

6.      1st level of re-assembly / rolling chassis

7.      Body work paint/ custom spraying.

8.      2nd level of re-assembly / wiring and electrics, hoses

9.      Final assembly

10.  Test ride and fine tuning


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